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  • Elizabeth Ketcham Kheder

Meet Kossai Yasseen and Reem Al Asmi

A Snapshot of Syria

Syria borders Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, and the Mediterranean Sea. The main language spoken in Syria is Arabic and the country's capital is Damascus. Syria has everything from deserts to mountains and is home to a very diverse population of Arabs, Armenians, Kurds, Muslims, Jews, and Christians, to name only some. Syria is rich in history and culture. A key tenant of Syrian culture is hospitality. You never leave a Syrian home hungry or on time.

Syria's capital, Damascus

Daraa, Syria

Our manager and cook, Kossai and Reem, are from the very green region of Daraa, Syria. Located in the southwest of the country, not far from the Jordanian border, Daraa is known for its exceptionally tasty cuisine and its fertile land. Mlehy is a traditional lamb and rice dish that Daraa is famous for and among many other delicacies it is also known for Turkish Delight. The Roman Theatre pictured below is a famous site in Daraa.

Roman Theatre at Bosra, Daraa

Kossai and Reem's Story

In 2011, Reem and Kossai moved from Syria to Jordan and in 2015 they made the big move to the USA. Both Kossai and Reem worked for a number of years at Spectrum Health in their nutrition department, where Kossai was a dietitian tech and Reem was a chef. Kossai is also currently studying for a degree as a dietitian at Western Michigan University.

Kossai and Reem have 4 wonderful children and they never tire of serving and entertaining friends and family in their home. They have a passion for sharing their homeland’s cuisine and hospitality with others. At Kossai and Reem’s core is a love for and loyalty to the authentic Mediterranean diet in all of its healthy and tasty glory. It was out of this love that Hummus & Falafel was born and that they open their arms to welcome you into their new space in Allendale!

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